Tackling Waste Crime - 3 simple questions


Whether you’re in an urban or rural part of Cheshire, the sight and environmental impact of illegally dumped waste is not something residents should have to endure.

And for many of the criminals who dump this waste, it is far from their worst offence. We know that sinister gangs use seemingly legitimate waste disposal companies as a cover for county lines and other serious criminal activity.

Through our Waste Crime Partnership I am working with Cheshire’s four Local Authorities, the Environment Agency, and the Constabulary on better ways to share data and target these criminals.

But with a potential fine of up to £5,000 for illegally dumped waste that can be traced back to you, residents need to be vigilant and ensure they don’t accidentally hand their waste over to criminals just because it seems convenient. That’s why the Waste Crime Partnership is encouraging residents to ask three simple questions whenever a company pops up on sites like Facebook and Nextdoor, or knocks on their door:

  • What is your official company name?
  • What is your waste permit number?
  • Will you be able to provide a waste transfer note?

Any legitimate business should be able to answer these three simple questions. If they can’t then residents shouldn’t risk a potential £5,000 fine.