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Lower Peover W I meets at Lower Peover Primary School, The Cobbles, Lower Peover , WA16 9PZ on the first Wednesday of the month (excluding December) at 7.30 pm.

If you are interested in seeing what the WI does, and would like to find out more you are welcome to join us for a visit. Just turn up.

Latest News and Reports from the Women’s Institute:

Lower Peover WI - April 2019

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Our speaker this month was Brian Greene who gave an illustrated talk entitled ‘The Brill Building. The sounds we grew up to’.

The Brill Building was an office building on Broadway, New York City and was famous housing music industry offices and studios where many of the most popular pop songs of the 50’s and 60’s were written. Brian kept us entertained with interviews, video recordings and music from that era. Whilst we had all heard of the groups and singers:- The Coasters, The Drifters, Elvis, Bobbie Darren to name but a few; but we were not familiar with most of the people who wrote the music and songs for them:- Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller, Doc Pomus to name but a few – although we all recognised the songs once they were played for us.  Carol King, Neil Sedaka also worked there in the days when they wrote songs for famous artists to perform rather that perform them themselves.  We all had a great ‘blast from the past’ and learnt a great deal about the development of the music we all grew up with. 

Members had really enjoyed the visit to Manchester Airport in March  which was reported in The Guardian recently, complete with photograph..

Anyone who is interested in joining us is welcome to attend our next meeting to be held on Wednesday May 1st at 7.30pm in Lower Peover School, where we will be discussing this year’s WI Resolutions and playing indoor bowling.

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Lower Peover WI - February 2019

Wednesday 6th March 2019

Our speaker this month was Yvonne Mathews who gave us a talk entitled ‘7 Secrets to Health from the Beehive’

Yvonne gave a very informative and fascinating talk, in a humorous and entertaining style, on keeping bees. Yvonne has been bee keeping for over ten years and has 13 hives in North Wales. She described how she had harvested their honey and other products including pollen, beeswax, nectar and propolis. Yvonne has a background in complimentary medicine and extolled the health benefits of the products from bees. She explained that there were over 300 types of bees but her focus is on keeping honey bees. Yvonne now has a stall at Glastonbury Festival. Members were able to purchase some of her natural products.

Members had really enjoyed the ‘Food to Fork’ morning at Tatton Park organised by the group and are looking forward to a visit to Manchester Airport later this month.

Anyone who is interested in visiting  joining us is welcome to attend our next meeting  to be held on Wednesday 3rd April at 7.30pm in Lower Peover School, when  Brian Greene will give a talk entitled  ‘The Brill Building. Sound we grew up to’.

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Lower Peover WI - February 2019

This month, we were given a very informative talk by Nicholas Hatton about the Butterflies of Cheshire.  Nicholas explained that some butterfly species had declined in recent years whilst others maintained their numbers. His talk was accompanied by some beautiful slides mostly of photographs taken by himself, some of which had won photographic competitions. It was sad to hear that Cheshire has become one of the least butterfly rich counties in England, his theory being the loss of deep hedgerows and wild flower meadows. He also told us how to tell the difference between a butterfly and a moth. Not as simple as we thought: it’s not just a case of day or night time flight, or position of wings, it’s the fact that butterflies have a little ball shape at the end of their antennae and moths don’t!

On Thursday 28th February, following an invitation to the local WI, some of our members will be visiting Tatton Park to take part in a pilot ‘FOOD to FORK’ trial. We are looking forward to their report back at out next meeting.

Anyone who is interested in visiting /joining us is welcome to attend our next meeting  to be held on Wednesday 6th March at 7.30pm in Lower Peover School, when  Yvonne Matthews  will give a talk entitled  ‘7 secrets to health from the Beehive’



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Lower Peover WI - November 2018

Wednesday 7th November 2018

Following the discussions of the AGM, this month’s talk “Tis the Season to be Jolly” by Kath Reynolds got us all into the Christmas spirit, even if a month early. Kath had a wonderful collection of slides and memorabilia of Christmases past. We now know, for example, that the first Christmas card was sent in 1843; coca cola is responsible for the red coated Santa and crackers first appeared in 1845 as well as many other fascinating facts .  Her collection of forties and fifties decorations and pictures and samples of vintage toys was fascinating and prompted many exclamations such as – ‘we had those on our tree’; ‘I was given one of those’ and amazingly many ‘I still have it/them’. Who nowadays would believe the excitement generated on Christmas Day by a stocking filled with an orange and embroidered hankies!

Our December meeting carries on the theme as it will be out Christmas party, complete with Secret Santa presents.

Anyone who is interested in visiting /joining us is welcome to attend our first  official meeting of 2019, to be held on Thursday 10th January  at 7.30pm in Lower Peover School, when Caroline Aspin will give a talk entitled ‘Every Child Matters’.

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Lower Peover WI - October 2018

Wednesday 3rd October 2018

This month’s meeting was our produce show – we were all asked to bring a variety of produce/craft items for judging.  The categories included – plain biscuits, a dried flower card, a flower arrangement, miniature art work, a water photograph, and a favourite hat with a note to say why.  All the members took part in the judging for the favourite item in each category and at the end of the evening we discovered who had submitted them and won the cup for each category.

Three of our members reported back following their attendance at ‘A Cheshire Walking Weekend’ in Coniston. The weekend in late September had been organised by Cheshire Federation for WI and there were guided walks on all days to suit different levels of walking skills. In the evening, after dinner there were games, entertainment from the members, skittles and quizzes. They all had a fantastic time with good fun and friendship, lots of chatting but with time for quiet reflection, or to settle down with a book. They were blessed with fantastic weather most of the time and the Lake District showed off her autumnal beauty. Thank you to the organisers of the weekend and the guides. A good time was had by all.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday November 7th  at 7.30pm in Lower Peover School and will consist of the AGM followed by Speaker Kath Reynolds on; ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly’.We would love to welcome anyone who may be interested to come and join us.

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Pictures from the Cheshire Show

Sally Aspin and her ‘Calendar Girl’





Countess of Wessex after the tour of the WI marquee.
Tony Garnet (Chairman of the Agricultural Society) and Pamela are with her and Frances Woollam, Chairman of the Cheshire Federation of WI’s.



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