Lower Peover WI – Feb 2018

March 8th, 2018 | Posted by Administrator in WI News

The members met together as usual Lower Peover School at 7.30pm. However this was not our usual meeting format. We had a surprise addition to our programme – Year 4 pupils from Lower Peover school treated us to a fantastic performance of an assembly they had prepared on World War 2. The audience also included parents and friends and they gave a marvellous representation of the problems faced by both adults and children during the war and the spirit and resilience shown by the British population. The twenty minute performance ended with a rousing chorus of “Bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover”.
Once the performers and their parents had left, to loud applause, we settled down to a highly educational talk on the “Science of Chocolate” given by Dr Diana Leitch. Her talk, which was supported by several samples for tasting, took us from the first discovery of chocolate to the present day. We now know that chocolate was discovered over 2000 years ago by the Mayans and Olmec of Central America as a drink and was first introduced into Europe by the Spanish around 1600, when only Royalty were allowed to drink it. The solid chocolate bar was first produced by Frys in 1847. We learnt about traditions associated with chocolate over the years, its cultivation, production, chemical composition and unfortunately the high sugar content of today’s chocolate bars.
Our next meeting will be on March 7th at 7.30pm in Lower Peover School, when the talk will be by Charlotte Gringas and author and entitled “My novels tell their story”, and we are happy to welcome anyone who may be interested in joining us.
Our regular book group continues to meet on the second Monday of each month, and a snowdrop walk is planned in the near future.

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