Lower Peover WI April 2016

April 7th, 2016 | Posted by Administrator in News | WI News

Lower Peover WI meet the first Tuesday of each month in the school hall in Lower Peover. We welcome any visitors or guests.

For our April meeting, Brain Green gave an excellent theatrical presentation of the life and times of Andrew Lloyd Webber. To enhance the presentation he included personal anecdotes from Lord Webber’s family and friends and we listened to renditions of songs from the musical theatre including Cats, Starlight Express and Phantom of the Opera. Lloyd Webber is heavily involved in collecting works of art including Pre Raphaelite paintings and a Canaletto. He supports important architectural buildings and his company owns several theatres and even a church. The singing was superb and the evening a great success.

The competition was to bring a theatre related item, so signed programmes were brought in together with beautiful fans not forgetting Sooty and his magic wand. The opera memorabilia, including opera glasses and collapsible opera top hat were a find but the hit of the night was the ‘Cats‘ display.

Last month Christopher Smith spoke about Canals of the North West, very important historical and current engineering achievements to extend trade and community movement. It was a fascinating evening and resonated with everyone as canals were the lifeline of the country at one time and now are an important and treasured part of our leisure activities.

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