Goosberry Show

You can find out more about the history of the local gooseberry shows at . We are always looking for new growers to join us so come to the Crown on Saturday and see what it is all about.

Gooseberry Shows are a long established tradition and a part of village life but are now almost unique to the villages in Mid-Cheshire so please come along and support this local activity.

Latest news from Crown of Peover Goosberry show:

Peter Riley wins Crown of Peover Gooseberry Show 2015 with 31pwt 1 grain Edith Cavell.

This was the 40th Annual Crown Show. Peter Riley had another excellent year, winning the show for the fourth successive year to take home the Bert and Lesley Flint Trophy. Peter also won the Whitbread Trophy for the Championship Plate, the Jim Lander Cup for the heaviest Twins, the John Hamilton Trophy for most points gained, the Sam Cragg Rose Bowl for the heaviest Edith Cavell Plate and the Gordon Cragg Cup for most points gained in colour berry classes, narrowly beating George Meredith in the latter by just 1 point. John Hardy won the Ossie and Jim Cragg trophy for the heaviest Four Sets of Twins and the HP Bulmer Trophy for the heaviest Woodpecker in the show. David Lowe won the Alan Jenkinson Trophy for second heaviest premier berry and George Meredith won the Trevor Taylor Trophy for the most improved grower. Mike Smith returned to the show as a competitive grower this year and had an excellent result producing a premier berry of 24pwts 16 grains to come 3rd. Ben van der Vegte was welcomed as a maiden grower, growing a very creditable berry of 19pwts 11 grains to finish 8th.

The show was very grateful this year for the supply of new show trees provided by members of the Crown and other shows. This resulted in a much more competitive show and heavier overall weights. The growing year had been mixed, with a slow start in the spring, but with berries ripening quickly towards the show.

The show was pleased to welcome Clive and Graham Leigh, who kindly presented the prizes.

Members and friends enjoyed the annual Show BBQ, raffle and auction held the next day at the Crown.


The results for the Premier Berry are shown below.

1ST Peter Riley Edith Cavell 31.01
2ND David Lowe Mr Chairman 25.18
3RD Mike Smith Bank View 24.16
4TH George Meredith Mr Chairman 23.20
5TH Noel Street Millenium 22.18
6TH Dr Hugh Gibbs Bank View 22.10
7TH John Hardy Millenium 21.23
8TH Ben van der Vegte Bank View 19.11
9TH Ian Gough Bank View 19.02
10TH Vince Southern Edith Cavell 16.10
11TH Mike Godfrey Montrose 14.22
12TH Jonathan Godfrey Admiral Beatty 10.15



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